Francisco NAVARRO

Francisco Navarro guitars come from the workshop of Mexican luthier Francisco Navarro in Paracho where they are meticulously made by hand from top quality woods.

  • Student Classical Model -The top is made of tight grained cedar and the back and sides are Palo Escrito, the unique and beautiful rosewood native to Mexico. The bridge and fingerboard are of cocobolo and the bridge saddle and nut are made of bone. A very good guitar for the price which includes a hardshell case. $950


  • Concert Classical -This is a wonderful guitar for the money built of fine red cedar and lovely Mexican rosewood (called Palo escrito in Spanish and as richly grained as Brazilian rosewood). Rich tone and smooth response with good volume, adding up to an expressive instrument. Bell-like trebles and sonorous basses allow the player a wide range of colors and moods.
    Hardshell case included. $1850



  • Model: Special Grand Concert

Western Red Cedar Soundboard, Brazilian Rosewood Back and Sides

Ebony fretboard with 650 string length

$ 4950 

What a joy to play! This wonderfully responsive guitar from Francisco Navarro is constructed according to the design of legendary French luthier Daniel Friederich.

With a high quality red cedar top and fabulously grained Brazilian rosewood back and sides, this instrument will amaze a player with its vibrant trebles and clear, warm basses in beautiful balance.