From Paris, the City of Light, comes a brilliant line of high-end student and professional guitars.

Jean-Baptiste Castelluccia, third-generation Parisian luthier, built his first guitar at the age of 13 to give to a boyhood friend who was an avid player. He learned the art at the workbench of his father who carried on the work of his own father who had come to Paris from Italy in the 1940's.

The goal of all three Castelluccias has been to provide the best possible instruments, using the finest tone woods, at the lowest possible prices.The first Castelluccia, named Giambattista, when he immigrated from Rome to Paris in 1946 concentrated on making Django Reinhardt-style acoustic jazz guitars which were all the rage during the Swing era in France. His son Jacques then shifted the direction towards classical guitars to fill the demand created by the growing French classical guitar interest spurred by such players as Ida Presti and Alexander Lagoya, Roberto Aussel and Alberto Ponce.

The present Jean-Baptiste, grandson of the founder of the atelier, builds and oversees the making of some of Europe's finest student and concert classical guitars.

Like all fine guitars, these must be tried and compared to be truly appreciated. I invite you to do so if you are looking for the best possible quality in a moderately priced guitar.

Castelluccias also come in cutaway acoustic-electric versions featuring Fishman dual pickups and the same exceptionally fine workmanship as the regular models. If this option interests you, please give us a call or email us.

Let us add as a side note, that after 52 years of dealing exclusively with classical guitars, we have never before been so impressed by the honesty of the workmanship and the superiority of the product as we are with this line of exceptional guitars.


"Concertino"   Paris, FRANCE 2014

Western Red Cedar or Spruce Soundboard

Madagascar Rosewood back and sides

Ebony fingerboard, 650 mm string length


After extensive research, Jean Baptiste Castelluccia has produced an exceptional new model, the"Concertino". With exquisite solid Madagascar rosewood back and sides and new carbon reinforced bracing, this guitar has increased power and greater response combined with remarkable balance and clarity. At the same time it preserves the richness and beauty of a traditional tone.






Crossover Model CRW 12

650 mm string length 48 mm nut width.

Solid cedar or spruce soundboard, Indian rosewood back and sides.

Ebony fingerboard, cedar neck with carbon re-inforcement, truss rod.

Fishman Prefix Problend System


This new thin-body model has a rich sound both amplified and un-amplified. It features a thinner neck, Fishman pick-up system, and truss rod along with Castelluccia's customary high quality workmanship and superior grades of tone woods.





Model G6 - Fine quality spruce or cedar soundboards and solidIndian rosewood back and sides, 650 string length, great depth of resonance and excellent sustain. Schaller machines. Clear nitrocellulose lacquer finish. $1995 with high grade polyfoam or hard-shell case.









 Model G6b - Same tone woods in higher grade and matched Indian rosewood back and sides, same string length, richer tone and greater projection. Schaller machines. Clear nitrocellulose lacquer. This model and the higher models G8 and 60th Anniversary are in every sense superb values for guitars that straddle the line between upper end student/amateur guitars and professional concert guitars. $2295 with case.












Model: G8 Highest quality Alpine Spruce or Western Red Cedar soundboard. First grade East Indian rosewood back and sides. Ebony fingerboard with nickel alloy frets. 650 mm scale with 52 mm bone nut. Spanish cedar neck reinforced with ebony center strip. Excellent Schaller tuners in the Hauser style. The power and open, clear tone of this model will amaze you. $2750 with case.














Model: G6 PCE Paris, FRANCE, German Spruce Soundboard, Indian Rosewood Back and Sides, Ebony fretboard with 650 string length, $2350 OUT OF STOCK

 Here is an excellent AMPLIFIED version of the best selling G-series with graceful cutaway and highly responsive Fishman dual pickups. A top quality instrument for gigs when extra volume is needed with refined tone.

Built with fine grained solid spruce on the soundboard and higher quality Indian rosewood on the back and sides. This full bodied version has exceptional clarity and richness of tone when played both acoustically and amplified. A winning French-Italian combination of guitar making skill.
Sold with a hard polyfoam case with shoulder straps and pouch. Special order.


GIAMBATTISTA Model: 60th Anniversary

Paris, France,
Western Red Cedar or German Spruce Soundboard, 

Indian Rosewood Back and Sides

Ebony fretboard with 650 mm string length

Currently Out of Stock

The Giambattista 60th Anniversary model from the famous Franco-Italian workshop of J. Castellucia is the pinnacle of this old guitar-making enterprise's creations with the choicest tone woods from the German Alps and East India. 

The guitar delivers a full rich tone, warmer than the general run of spruce top instruments with excellent sustain and projection. The clear definition of notes allows for expressive interpretation of contrapuntal music and the great dynamic range embellishes romantic works. A fine guitar for an aspiring concert artist.







































 Here are a few testimonials:

Hello Bob and Michael,
Thursday night we all waited outside in the garage for the UPS truck. When David saw the box come out of the truck he was thrilled. He immediately opened it and played his new Giambattista G6. All he said was "sweet" When I heard the guitar I knew that I had found the right people to trust. Your knowledge of classical guitars is wonderful and this comes across on your web site. Although I do not know a lot about guitars I do know when one sounds better than another. Wow! The Alvarez was dead and my instincts to trust you about the Giambattista were right on. As David"s guitar teacher said: "There isn't a little difference, there is a HUGE difference".
Sarah Blanc
New Canaan, CT

Mr. Castelluccia & Artists:
I recently purchased a Giambattista G8 from Robert Page at The Guitar Store in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, your distributor.
First, let me compliment you on the selection of Robert Page and The Guitar Store as your United States distributor. Theirs is a comfortable store well maintained and attractively arranged. Mr. Page is excited about representing your instruments. He personally assisted me in making a choice as I was visiting his shop in Philadelphia in December of 2005.
Second, I am also excited about the Giambattista guitar. I acknowledge the fact that this instrument is a student guitar, however, the craftsmanship, playability and sonority of the G8 is far superior to may higher priced concert instruments. I do not know how you do it for the price.
Therefore, on behalf of all the students who will, by your having offered a guitar of such excellent quality, be able to afford a beautiful sounding, well constructed guitar,
Thank you!
Roger Watkins
Greenville, NC

Let me just say that I never thought that buying a guitar over the phone/internet could be such a positive experience. The time you spent discussing the various guitars that I was interested in and the sound files that you sent were invaluable in making my decision. Certainly the next best thing to being there in person. The Giambattista is one fine instrument for sure. Everyone who has seen and played it, myself included, has been very impressed. I'm certain that the G6 and I have a long and happy relationship ahead of us.
Cheers, and thanks again!


Lee, MA



I just wanted to write to say how much I am enjoying my new Giambattista G6. It is such an amazing guitar for the price, and it easily rivals those costing thousands more. I know, because I own some of them. My teacher, too, was "blown away," by the guitar's bass response, separation and action. Since I've brought it home from the Philly Guitar Festival, it's the only one I've wanted to play.

So, thank you for making such wonderful guitars available.

I hope you are well and look forward to my next visit to your city.

J. R.