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Dear Bill,

I had a wonderful time in your terrific shop. You were impressively skillful in guiding me through the taxonomy of sound and the exotic forest of so many instruments. It turns out I had a very clear idea of what sound I was looking for even though I didn't realize it.

The Esteve is home with me and I look forward to pleasurable hours together.

With many thanks, JC

Rhode Island



 I want to thank you and Jeff for your help with my recent purchase of the Esteve model 8 guitar.  For the last month I have been enjoying the sound produced by this fine guitar.  I’m amazed at the difference between the bass strings of this guitar and my last instrument.  You were both very patient and informative in helping me to decide which guitar to select.  Without a doubt it was worth the 125 mile trip to your store.

Thanks again,

D.D. JULY 2018

A must stop for anyone interested in classical guitar. I found this little shop whilst searching for a store with a good selection and knowledgeable staff. It was a two hour drive from where I live, but was well worth the time. I was looking to semi-retire an old family heirloom, and my parents had offered to purchase me a new student guitar as a birthday gift. Our host, Jeff, spent 2+ hours helping me find the perfect instrument, and was extremely patient. We ended up settling on a beautiful spruce topped Hanika which just sounds and plays like a dream. Will gladly make the effort to come out here again if I’m searching for another instrument. A+ guys!
June 2018
Bill, thanks for everything.  The J. Castelluccia G6 arrived in excellent condition Thursday.  I've been playing it quite a bit, and it sounds amazing.  It produces a good amount of volume, the bass is smooth and mellow, and the high notes are clear and pristine.  The guitar is a dream come true! 
JB, Indiana    June 2018
Dear Bill,
I couldn't be happier with my new Esteve classical guitar. It sounds great even with my limited abilities. Trust me, I have a good reason to increase my practice time. Hopefully in the future I will have another chance to visit your awesome store. Thanks so much!
DM, Oklahoma
Hi Bill,
I wanted to let you know that I received the guitar today (Friday). It arrived in perfect shape, not even a scuff on the shipper did a great job packaging the guitar.
So, what can I say....just WOW. What an amazing instrument. It is actually more then I expected...amazing tone, projection, clarity, intonation, and playability. And to top it off, it looks great....such a great combination of woods.
I know you deal with some super high end guitars, so I'm not sure how the Picado compares to them. But compared to my guitar, it's just on another level. I just can't wipe the smile off my face when I play it.
I wanted to thank you for your patience and your great service. You've brought this amateur musician much happiness. Thank you again...
Ed (California) 11/4/17
Another satisfied customer! 10/4/17
I wanted to take a moment to thank you for selling me such a wonderful instrument.
I purchased an Esteve 9 B/C back in mid-July and had it shipped to Ohio.
The instrument produces a very "Spanish sound" (just like your website says) and the sound projects very well. My teacher can't believe how good it sounds and how loud it is.
I am in love with this instrument and it is a joy to play
I couldn't be more happy with the guitar and the customer service I received from the Classical Guitar Store.
Best Regards,
K.G. Ohio
I just recently purchased an Esteve model 8 from you. I just wanted to thank you for the excellent service. The guitar arrived as promised, in excellent condition. I couldn't be happier with this guitar. It sounds amazing and it's everything I hoped it would be. I will definitely recommend your shop to anyone looking for a great guitar.
L.P. Ohio
    I want to thank you both for showing me all of those wonderful guitars. I could tell that you have a lot of experience helping musicians find an instrument.
     This week playing the Hanika has been fantastic. The sound is so clear, and I can hear so many details, it's just been great. Playing Bach on the guitar is like playing in a dream. The voices in the pieces come out so clear.
     Thank you again for all your help and your courtesy. The experience of buying an instrument from your shop was truly first rate. Without a doubt, yours is one of the best shops in the country.
     Thanks again, and I'll keep in touch.
N.M. Pennsylvania
Hello Bill,

Just wanted to let you know that I've been playing and enjoying the guitar a lot over the weekend.  
It plays particularly beautifully and easier than I'm used to with a classical, probably because of the 640 scale and the reduced string tension.
I'm definitely glad that I went with the 640 scale and I think this guitar will serve me well for a long time.

Thanks again,
S.F. Rhode Island




I was in The Classical Guitar Store on Saturday and had the chance to sit with you and Nicole and play guitars for a long, unhurried time.
Your advice and help were wonderful (instrumental?) and I purchased the Picado 60.  It arrived, as scheduled, this past Thursday in great shape, and I just can't tell you how much I enjoy playing it.  I have told my friends that the instrument is so good, that it even makes me sound good!  The only problem is that I plan on just working on scales for 15 minutes and then I look at the time and 45 minutes have flown by!
It was a long trip getting to you and so worth it.  I can't thank you enough for the time you took, your support of an old neophyte, and your professionalism.  I would encourage anyone who can make the trip to come see you.
Thanks so much, again, and in a few years, you may see me again.  In the meantime, I'm really thrilled with my Picado.


A gem of a shop. Bill spent time with me, helping me to find a guitar best suited for my needs. No pressure to buy. He filed the saddle down to make my selected guitar more comfortable to play. Well worth the drive from Detroit to Philly to buy from him. My looking/buying experience was very pleasant, unlike some other stores I have encountered. I highly recommend The Classical Guitar Store.



I just received my Picado 60. It is wonderful beyond expectations. So I'm very pleased with the purchase. I think it's a terrific value. It was just the thing for me. It is a beautiful sounding, and beautiful looking instrument.

V.E. California, phone message.




This store was recommended to me by a classical guitarist who bought his instrument from here. I was pretty impressed by the authentic and no-pressure sale. The lady who helped me is actually working on making her second guitar. Impressive. The biggest help to me was the honest feedback I received while I was trying the various guitars. Because she didn't push me above my price range we were free to focus on the exact sound that I liked the best rather than her getting the biggest commission possible. In fact she was looking for ways to save me money. If I had any complaints I wouldn't be afraid of dropping a star or two. However my overall experience was so good I have to give it five.



The Hanika 54 PC arrived in excellent shape. I love the guitar. It's a beautiful instrument and sounds fantastic!

L.A. Virginia, phone message.


Subject: Picado Model 49 Message: THANK YOU ! Nicole you were very patient and wonderful to work with. Thank you for helping me connect with my “Paloma”!

I love every note every timbre every thing about this guitar.


I recieved the Esteve guitar Friday ( I talked to you about this).  the guitar is wonderful!!  I am very pleased with this guitar.
Thanks for you help and attention.
Jackson, LA



I received the Hanika on Thursday and must say that I am very happy with the instrument.  I find the volume to be sufficient for my needs, and the tonal range as well as sensitivity are excellent, far better than my current Cordoba PRO-R and my 1997 Larrivee 35.....It is by far the best classical I have owned since (the Kohno 30) and should serve me well in the years to come.  I am also quite pleased with the visual aesthetics of the instrument.  Thank you for your assistance in making my choice among the instruments that I was considering.  I know that the absolute best way to choose an instrument is to actually take the time to sit down, play and compare the instruments in order to find the one that speaks to you. Unfortunately that was not an option for me, but I did have the fortune of being able to get a general feel for what seemed like the best bet for me through working with you.  Thanks again.  I’m very happy with this guitar and your customer service.

Oak Park, IL


I love the Esteve 12!

Craig  Philadelphia, PA.


Hi Bill.  The guitar that you sent me arrived yesterday, Wednesday.  It arrived in perfect condition.  It sounds great and plays wonderfully.  I'm sure that the J. Castelluccia and I will have a long and happy relationship.  Thanks again for all your help.  I will certainly recommend The Classical Guitar Store in Philadelphia.  

Have fun,  B.



Hello, Bill.
The guitar arrived in perfect condition and it's as light and beautiful as you described. I love the size, the neck shape, and most of all the sound. Thank you very much!


Hi Bill,

The package arrived about 2 hrs ago in great shape.  The case was slightly warm but in original condition so was the guitar.  I let it sit on the stand to acclimate for a while and then turned it up.  It sounded just like as it was in your store last week.  I already practiced on it for 1 hour now.  It sounded great and looked so handsome!!  I enjoyed very much the experience.  Thanks for your help.

Best Regards,



S. LOVES his new Esteve

Thought you'd enjoy the attached video of my 11YO son playing his new Esteve. He and that guitar are inseparable. Shld you want to use this vid for PR/marketing/whatever, you have our permission, but mostly I just thought you'd enjoy seeing some of the fruits of your labor.

Glad you got it and could view it. He is very happy with the sound that his new Esteve generates. It is so much more amplified than his old guitar. I’m sure increasing the size has a little to do with it, but there is no doubt that the Esteve has a lot to do with it too. Thank YOU again, 
XO M.R. North Carolina


Bill, the Hanika is amazing.  The sound is so rich and the action wonderful.  I cannot wait to get started!  Thank you so much for bringing such beauty back into my life.  Also, the case is so lightweight and strong.  Here is a quick shot of me just picking it up on my birthday.  Warmly, D. F. Georgia


I received my Francisco Esteve Model 8 a few weeks ago. It arrived well packed and in perfect condition. I would like to thank you again for listening to me and helping me decide on this guitar. It is beautiful, well built, and has a wonderful pleasing tone. I play it every day and I find it hard to put down. My instructor is N.M. and he plays a David Pace Classical guitar which you sell also. You have a video of him playing Koyunbaba on his guitar on your web page. N. played my Esteve Model 8 when we meet for a lesson. He gave it high marks and congratulated me on making a very good decision. Thank you again for working with me and helping me decide on this excellent instrument.

 Happy Holidays,


Ashland VA


A quick note to let you know that I absolutely love my new Castelluccia 60th Anniversary model. It is a beautiful instrument with great depth of tone and great projection, and it plays really nicely. This is the start of a long, beautiful friendship (if not love affair).

I want to especially thank you for your advice, patience, and professionalism in the process of putting me together with this great guitar.
Again, thank you for your advice,
Hi Bill, 
Just wanted to write and let you know how thrilled I am with my new Castelluccia guitar. What a beautiful instrument. As you know, I had my trepidations about buying a guitar via mail order, but you helped to make it a very pleasant experience. Now all I have to do is become a better player so that I can do the guitar justice.


Dear Bill,

Living in Juneau, Alaska, where we have no stores that deal in fine classical guitars, I found myself at the mercy of the internet in my search for a guitar.  My anxieties were continually allayed by your kind and professional advice.  I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your patiently answering all my questions as I searched for the right guitar.  I especially appreciated your not trying to "sell" me a guitar but simply helping me figure out answers to all my questions.  And once I did decide on the guitar and you arranged for shipping from Philadelphia to Alaska, I was gratified to find that you were tracking the guitar's progress as closely as I was.  

And I could not be more pleased with the Dupont guitar.  This is the first handmade guitar I have ever owned, and the sound is incredible.  You can actually hear the cedar ringing. I'm sure this is no news to you, as you deal everyday with guitars even more exquisite than this. 

Anyway, thanks so much for your professional knowledge and for your personal care as well.  It was a pleasure doing business with you.

J.H. Juneau, AK



Spent some time looking over the guitar with our instructor.  We are very pleased with the guitar.  It really does sound nice and it is in superb shape. Our instructor was impressed at how spotless it was (not one scratch, no marks or blemishes)  not to mention he thought for an entry level guitar it was well worth the money.  He figures my son has 5+ years of dedicated classical guitar work before he might begin to feel he needs to upgrade.Thanks for your help and flexibility  I was a little nervous doing this sized business via mail order but you made it about as painless as it could be.  Take care and Thanks again.

F. and B.