Augustino LOPRINZI

Clearwater, Florida, USA, 2005
Engleman Spruce Soundboard, Rosewood Back and Sides
Ebony fretboard with 650 string length


Model: Pinnacle Limited Edition

This Pinnacle model from LoPrinzi is a very unique instrument in that it was a special top model he built only for a short time, making about 12 of them. 

For this model, he reserved only the best materials including 1960's rosewood from a "private stash". Finely designed herringbone is used on the custom rosette and the bridge tie block, a delicate touch to an overall masterful esthetic .

The volume emanating from this instrument is truly impressive. We tested it  in the large concert hall used by the Philadelphia Classical Guitar Society and the results were terrific, the tone filling every corner of the space, clear and vibrant. The balance between bass and treble is perfect and the response is obedient to any demanding player in quiet as well as boisterous passages.

This is a very fine instrument created just before his retirement by one of America's most esteemed luthiers, Augustino LoPrinzi.