Sparks, Nevada, USA, 1993  #147

Spruce Soundboard, Rosewood Back and Sides

Ebony fingerboard, 650 string length


Expertly reconditioned by luthier David Pace, this beautiful guitar showed no evidence of cracks in the soundboard or the back and sides. The bridge has been altered to a 12-hole tie block. Completely french polished.







Reno, Nevada USA   1988  #81

Spruce soundboard, Indian rosewood back and sides

Ebony fingerboard, 650 mm scale length, 52 mm nut Gotoh tuners


This beautiful example of an early Daily has been lovingly restored and completely re-furbished by master luthier David Pace. The guitar is in very good condition and has a new lease on life. The beautifully aged spruce soundboard has an expertly repaired, stablized crack in the lower bout. The guitar has been entirely re-french-polished. A wonderful guitar for an exceptional price. 
























Sparks, Nevada, USA, 2011

Western red cedar soundboard, Rosewood Back and Sides
Ebony fretboard with 650 mm string length




"The Dailys have superior sustain, clarity, brilliance, and volume--a combination that is difficult to find in one instrument." --Andrew York, Los Angeles Guitar Quartet

"My guitar has a wonderful response, the basses are deep, rich and loud without overpowering the trebles... his guitars are amazing." --Evan Hirchelman, guitarist annd composer

"I get nonstop compliments about my David Daily guitar in every competition." --Alieksey Vianna, Brazilian virtuoso

"The Daily is quite simply the best guitar in the world." --Ernesto Tamayo, Cuban concert guitarist

It goes on and on...the praises for David Daily's instruments from some of the best performers in the world. 

And no wonder why. David is simply one of the most talented luthiers in America, or anywhere else for that matter. 

I'm happy to say that I've just acquired a new David Daily guitar! It is every bit as beautiful sounding as any of the considerable number of David's guitars that I've carried over the years. Everyone who tried those guitars knew immediately that they had a great instrument in their hands, an instrument full of vibrant life. This guitar is powerful with a deep sonorous voice. In short, another great instrument.

Andrew York on his Daily: