Olivier POZZO

German Spruce Soundboard, Indian Rosewood Back and Sides
Ebony fretboard with 650 string length

Gently used.   $5900   SOLD




Lovers of fine spruce topped concert guitars will be happy to know that we now have another great instrument from Olivier Pozzo, one of the most highly respected guitar makers in France. I had the pleasure of meeting him at the 2010 International Guitar Festival in Paris and after playing one of his guitars and talking with him about his methods, made an appointment to visit his atelier in Nimes, a small southern French town near Avignon. 

He began his career in 1997 after having made the rounds of several notable French luthiers during two years of intense apprenticeship. "They all had different specialties", he says, "classical, jazz, folk. I asked each one if I could make an instrument so that when I came to set up my own shop I already had guitars to show customers."

He maintains that "the conception of a guitar is a true mystery even when you know where you want to go with it. You put into it a part of yourself. By restoring old instruments I learn to feel the wood, its vibrations...that has been a great experience."

The new guitar is a magnificent creation with a singing European spruce soundboard and richly grained Indian rosewood back and sides. The trebles are sensitive, bright and strong but also round and rich, not a trace of harsh bite, while the basses maintain a full and clear foundation. A wonderful guitar that responds easily with concert projection power and total playability.