Dominique DELARUE

New cedar/Indian rosewood coming soon (May 2018).


Azur, France 2016  No. 385

Western red cedar soundboard, Indian rosewood back and sides

Ebony fingerboard, 650 mm, Sloane tuning machines, 20th fret


We were the first dealers outside of France to recognize the outstanding qualities of Dominique Delarue guitars and started importing them in the year 2000. Since then we have sold many Delarue instruments to professional performers and expert guitar collectors around the world. We have a special friendly relationship with Dominique which assures that he sends us the very best of his production. This instrument is as beautiful a guitar as he has ever produced.






















 St. Chamas, France 2010  No. 341

Western Red Cedar soundboard, Indian Rosewood back and sides

Ebony fingerboard, 650 mm, Sloane tuning machines

Good/Excellent condition


















St. Chamas, France 2012

Western Red Cedar soundboard, Indian Rosewood back and sides

Ebony fingerboard, 650 mm, Sloane tuning machines






  Judge for yourself the quality of one of Dominique's guitars by listening to the video comparing Fleta, Bouchet and Delarue.  

 Carpentras, France 2002

German spruce soundboard, Rosewood back and sides 

650 mm string length, Rogers tuning machines

$9,950 Sold

"Dominique Delarue produces guitar masterpieces, combining great projection, indispensible in a concert instrument, with tonal refinement and precision and thus opening for the performer's full creativity."

---Josiane and Philippe Spinosi, concert guitarists and instrument reviewers for Guitare Classique

This preowned Delarue guitar has a few minor signs of use on the top finish but otherwise is in very good condition. The back and sides are made of beautiful Brazilian rosewood with stunning grain lines, as is the striking headstock veneer. The tuning machines have been upgraded to Rogers. The tone is what we expect from this master luthier, lilting and penetrating trebles supported by firm well-defined  basses. This guitar is something special!

Review of a Dominique Delarue concert guitar by Josiane and Philippe
Spinosi from Guitare Classique no. 12, January 2002:

The guitar that we tried is the Grand Concert model No. 239, dated
October 2001. An instrument of classic construction exhibiting extreme
care in the finishing details. The beautiful cedar soundboard is
embellished by an elegant rosette made up of diamond and herringbone
patterns and a rosewood bridge with delicate wood inlays. The back and
sides are of Indian rosewood and the very thin double and triple
purfling strips along the edges of the soundboard and the back show
off the balanced contours very gracefully. The headstock is faced with
rosewood veneer with large and symmetrical grain finely divided by a
thin white filet, and it is mounted with handsome and precise Sloane
tuning machines with ebony buttons.

We tested this guitar under the most demanding conditions possible
during five successive concerts and it proved to be a magnificent
instrument. For a cedar top guitar it has exceptional clarity. We were
impressed by its tonal precision over the entire range of the
fingerboard. The guitar is highly responsive and imposes no
restrictions on the player's intentions. All tone colors are easily
produced. The dynamic range is broad and it is a great pleasure to
play diminuendo all the way to pianissimo without losing resonance.
Just as remarkable is the continuity across the strings. The G-string
poses no problem in this regard and and the fluidity of melodic lines
is perfect. Plenty of power is always there which allows for playing
the most vigorous compositions while always leaving a margin without
an impression of saturation. A little more care must be taken with the
higher notes above the 12th fret. But this is a new instrument and
this part of the register will certainly open up more as it matures.
We must add that the guitar was very easy to control and the dominant
physical sensation it gives is one of suppleness.

Dominique Delarue has produced a masterpiece with this guitar, combining great projection, indispensible in a concert instrument with tonal refinement and precision and so opening the way for the 
performer's full creativity.  




2003 Carpentras, France
Western Red Cedar Soundboard, Indian Rosewood Back and Sides
Ebony fretboard with 650 mm string length
$10,500 SOLD

The guitars of Dominique Delarue bear a close resemblance to those of Daniel Friederich who is his primary inspiration. This opinion, which I have long held, was confirmed by none other than famous luthier Dominique Field during a chat I had with him on a recent visit to Paris. 

Delarue guitars have already made a major impact on the American concert guitar market. 

This fine instrument was completely overhauled by Dominique Delarue himself In January 2011 so the French polish finish is new and the fingerboard is pristine. One small string slash mark behind the bridge, filled and refinished, is the only sign of use. Delarue also regulated the playing action so it conforms with his usual comfortable standards.

The tone of this instrument is superior to most concert guitars costing far more. Fabulous resonance, clarity and projection throughout the fingerboard. Performers who have bought Delarue instruments say they have a uniquely lively spirit that inspires one to play at his or her best.

If you want to hear Delarue guitars played by professional artists, here are three web addresses featuring two French players and one American: