Granada, Spain, 2009
Cedar Soundboard, Madagascar Rosewood Back and Sides
Ebony fretboard with 650 string length
Gently used      SOLD

The following is a biographical note by Senor Garcia Ruiz:

Since I was a kid I played and made musical instruments. I have an elementary teaching degree from the University of Granada, I also have a degree in musicology from the same university. I completed my doctoral studies in organology and am currently doing a thesis on musical instruments. 

I have taught at the university and now I am doing research on acoustics and construction of instruments. I own an important collection of instruments from around the world ready for exhibitions and I give lectures on musical instruments. In addition to classical guitars, I make harpsichords, gamba viols, flutes, charangos, drums and I do restorations of old instruments. I play many different instruments from around the world and worked for some years as a freelance musician.

This is the first instrument from Garcia Ruiz that we have carried and it is quite impressive with immaculate workmanship and big warm tone. Highly recommended for a player looking for a beautiful traditional Spanish concert guitar for a modest price.