Helmut Hanika became a luthier after serving an apprenticeship with his grandfather, the important violin maker Anton Mayer. He started his own workshop in 1953. His son Armin Hanika joined the workshop in 1980, passed his master craftsman examinations in 1987 and has been running the shop since 1994. His family's goal since the outset has been to make classical guitars of the highest quality at reasonable prices. These guitars are quickly becoming our most popular guitars at their respective prices.


Armin Hanika with Andrea Florinett on a visit to Switzerland at Florinett AG Tonewood selecting the highest quality Alpine spruce for soundboards.


 And in India selecting rosewood for backs and sides.



Armin HANIKA Model 50 MF/MC Baiersdorf, Germany

Solid spruce or cedar soundboard

Solid Mahogany back and sides, matte finish.

$1195 including hardshell case











Armin HANIKA Model 50 AF

Solid spruce soundboard

Solid maple back and sides 

$1195 including case.











Armin HANIKA Model 50 PF/PC

Solid spruce or cedar soundboard

Solid Indian Rosewood back and sides

$1295 including hardshell case.









HANIKA Model 52AF Baiersdorf, Germany

Solid spruce soundboard

Solid MAPLE back and sides

$1350 including hardshell case.













Armin HANIKA Model 54 PF/PC   Baiersdorf, Germany

Model 54 combines impeccable craftsmanship with the usual beautiful Hanika  aesthetic. Solid East Indian rosewood with a light satin finish on the soundboard of specially selected spruce or cedar. This is a very special guitar for the aspiring student. 

$1595 including hardshell case.


 Armin HANIKA Model 56  PF/PC

The Hanika model 56 is a superb instrument for the money. It features a very light satin lacquer finish on the soundboard and gloss lacquer finish everywhere else. The intention is to allow the top to "breathe" and flex for maximum tone production, as with traditional French polish, but using a more durable varnish.

The tone is rich and dark with a strong projection. Balance between the forceful bass notes and the smooth singing trebles is perfect. Top made of fine solid Canadian cedar with East Indian rosewood back and sides , ebony fingerboard and Spanish cedar neck. The quality engraved tuning machines are by Rubner.

$1995 including hardshell case.












NEW!  Model 56 PC palo escrito

Solid cedar/spruce soundboard

Solid PALO ESCRITO back and sides 

In their continuing attempt to perfect the quality, aesthetic and tone of their guitars, Hanika has expanded their color-pallette of woods. This new model (2016) uses select sortings of beautiful palo escrito for the backs and sides. The tone is rich and light at the same time, with their usual clarity, depth and volume. 

$1995 including case.












 New!  Model 58 CC/CF

Solid cedar/spruce soundboard

Solid COCOBOLO back and sides

"Torres" bracing, domed soundboard

Ebony fingerboard.

$2650 including hardshell case

This new model features beautiful solid Cocobolo back and sides and a layered head plate structure using macassar ebony/maple/macasser. The soundboard is domed with a Torres-stlye bracing pattern. Beautiful high-gloss finish.


















Armin HANIKA Model 58 AF

Solid spruce soundboard

Solid MAPLE back and sides

$2650 including hardshell case





















 Armin HANIKA Model 58 PF/PC

Baiersdorf, Germany,
Cedar or spruce Soundboard, East Indian rosewood back and sides
Ebony fretboard with 650 mm string length
$ 2650


This Hanika handmade classical guitar, model 58, is constructed with superb tight grained cedar or spruce for the soundboard and with great overall attention to detail. The result is a sonorous instrument with pure tone and perfect balance. In every respect this model is exceptional for the price.




















Armin HANIKA Concert Model 60 PF/PC

High grade Swiss spruce or Western Red Cedar soundboard, crest-vaulted and asymetrically  weighted

East Indian rosewood back and sides

650 mm  string length, Savarez 500 ARJ strings

Ebony fingerboard with 20 frets, ebony reinforced Spanish cedar neck

Headstock open worked in the German master luthier style with 3-layer Macassar veneer, Irving Sloane tuners

Grenadill rosette, rosewood bridge with 12-hole tie block, backward-sloping bone saddle

Very thin top quality high gloss lacquer back and sides with a French polished soundboard

$3900 including Hiscox case SOLD

This is one of Hanika's top end guitars, a full toned instrument in the great German tradition. Enormous care and finesse are evident in its excellent workmanship. The woods are all selected for their superb qualities of both tone and visual beauty.

Its voice is clear and clarion-like with long sustain and beautiful balance between bass and treble. The response is vigorous and obedient to the finest nuances of timbre, allowing the player to cover the entire dynamic range possible to a guitar, from delicate pianissimo to thunderous mezzo forte. This is an instrument truly suited to just about any concert hall which will certainly satisfy most artists.