Aria Guitar Support GR2B $ 85.00 This guitar support gently clamps to the guitar and has an adjustable telescoping post that extends down to a curved piece that securely sits on your thigh. The clamps are covered with soft plastic to protect the guitar's finish. OUT OF STOCK

DynaretteDynarette Guitar Cushion $ 34.95 This is a molded cushion (the original) that is placed between the thigh and the guitar, completely eliminating the need for a foot stool. As a result, the player can sit comfortably on the chair -- a very simple, elegant solution; available in small and large. We are the only source for these original guitar cushions in the US.


Shipping is approximately $7.00.

Ergoplay $ 49.00 This popular support reduces muscular tension in the back by allowing both feet to be planted on the floor while playing. Metal construction with three suction cups and a wing nut for height and angle adjustment.

GITANO Guitar Support $ 45.00 A metal hinged support that allows you to play without a footstool with both feet planted flat on the floor. It thus eliminates back stress which is a problem for some players. It attaches to the guitar with two suction cups.