David PACE   Baltimore, USA 

We believe that David Pace is one of the best luthiers in the United States. He is continuously demonstrating his enormous skill and insight in fine guitar-making and we rank his instruments among the best we've seen and heard from American luthiers.

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And click here to see a wonderful video of David's art at work.





Baltimore, Maryland, 2018

Spruce, traditional soundboard, Indian rosewood back and sides, raised ebony fingerboard, 20th fret.

$8500   SOLD 














David PACE

Baltimore, Maryland, 2012

Port Orford cedar single soundboard, beautiful Honduran rosewood back and sides

Sloane tuning machines, ebony fingerboard, raised fingerboard, 20th fret

Mint condition, exquisite.

$7000  SOLD























Baltimore, Maryland, USA, 2017

Cedar soundboard, double top, Indian Rosewood back and sides, raised ebony fingerboard, arm-rest.


























David PACE

Baltimore, Maryland, 2017

German Spruce soundboard, Indian rosewood back and sides

Gotoh tuning machines, ebony fingerboard

$ 8500  SOLD

This is another one of David's very beautiful traditional soundboard instruments. It has Pace's customary imposing sonic presence, displaying a rich, tender and complex pallette of sound. Powerful rolling bass notes support brilliant trebles with an amazingly rich mid-range. The soundboard is reinforced with the traditional seven fan braces. The impeccable French polish finish is a lovely enhancement to the very fine 10-year-old German spruce and the 20-year-old high quality Indian rosewood. A marvelous instrument for the concert hall or home.

























David PACE

Baltimore, Maryland   2014

Cedar Soundboard, Double Top

Indian Rosewood back and sides

Ebony fingerboard, Gotoh tuning machines


This is another superb double top we have received from David Pace. So far in our working together  his guitars have sold very quickly and no wonder with all the power and tonal clarity they demonstrated.

The double top functions like an amplifier with two separate vibrating surfaces separated by a thin layer of super light Nomax. The strength of projection of this instrument is amazing and the balance from bass to treble is all that could be desired.

David has crafted this guitar with meticulous standards of woodworking and acoustic finesse and the result is a lively concert instrument that will fill any recital hall with its beautiful voice.













Nathan Mills performs Koyunbaba on a Pace guitar: