The Esteve (pronounced Es-TEH-vay) line of guitars come from a workshop in the beautiful Mediterranean coastal farming town of Alboraya, Spain, near Valencia. The shop was started in the 1950's by Francisco Esteve and Manuel Adalid Sr. Today it is a very busy workshop of about 40 artisans crafting high quality guitars by hand. The shop is still in the family tradition and is now managed by Manuel Adalid Jr. Over half a century of dedication to the highest standards of lutherie in the great Spanish tradition has distinguished the name of Esteve as one of the best in the world. We take great pride in importing these exceptional guitars directly from this time-honored, family tradition.   


The Esteve line of guitars is characterized by a traditional "Spanish" tone that is deep, rich and of a warm quality. Their outstanding tone quality is achieved by using only solid cedar or spruce on the soundboards and high quality rosewood, ovangkol and mahogany for all models. Attention to the fine points of string set-up make every model of Esteve a pleasure to play.


Model 3Z  Solid spruce or cedar soundboard with absolutely beautiful ornately-figured Ziricote back and sides. Introduced in 2014, these models must be seen to be believed. They are even more beautiful in-person. Mahogany binding complements the varied dark colors of the ziricote. The tone is rich and clear.  $650












 Model 4STE Solid cedar or spruce soundboard wrapped in Indian rosewood purfling with exotic Ovangkol veneer back and sides make this a very attractive guitar for the price. It has a wonderfully bright tone and broad bass with respectable volume. A very special value. $495




Model 5  Solid cedar or spruce top with walnut veneer back and sides and double purfling for an appealing look and sound. Fingerboard is rosewood with silver-plated tuning machines. Clear and bright tone. $695

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Model 5F flamenco

Solid spruce soundboard, sycamore back and sides, mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard











Model 5 FCE flamenco

Solid spruce soundboard, sycamore back and sides, cutaway, with Fishman pick-up.

$950, with hard-shell case.














"Gamberra" With black stained solid cedar soundboard, stained laminated sycamore back and sides, rosewood fingerboard and mahogany neck, this unique-looking instrument has quite an appealing tone, not un-like a flamenco sound, with a quick response and solid character. 48 mm nut width. $650












Model 6PS Solid cedar or spruce soundboard with beautiful palosanto Indian rosewood, laminated back and sides. Rosewood fingerboard and fine standard tuning machines make this a beautiful guitar at this price. $675  



Model 6F flamenco (all solid)

Solid select spruce soundboard, solid sycamore back and sides, ebony fingerboard, mahogany neck.

$995, includes hard-shell case.



Model 7SR (All solid)  Solid cedar or spruce top with solid Indian Rosewood back and sides and ebony fingerboard. This beautiful, traditional  solid rosewood guitar rivals any high quality student guitar at a much higher price level. A stunning, warm example of an all-solid wood instrument. Including case, $1095




Model 8  The model 8 is a step up from the 7SR and features the same types of materials but at a higher quality, as well as an ebony re-inforced neck. The result is a fuller richer tone with more projection. It is available with both western red cedar and German spruce for the soundboard and Indian rosewood for the back and sides, all solid. The fingerboard is ebony. The price includes a hardshell case. $1295










Model 8F flamenco (all solid)

Solid select spruce soundboard, solid cypress back and sides, ebony fingerboard, mahogany neck.














Model 9C/B  The 9C/B from Esteve is a very fine guitar indeed and it is no wonder since it is one that features the unique design of master builder Manuel Adalid Jr. which includes both wood and carbon fiber for the fan bracing. This design allows for a lighter bracing scheme and produces a louder tone while not sacrificing fullness and richness. The price includes a high quality archtop case. $1595

Model 11  Excellent grade western red cedar or German spruce top with select solid Indian rosewood and ebony fingerboard. Lovely bindings and purfling and very good tuners. The design and construction of this model comes directly from Manuel Adalid, master luthier of the workshop. It is highly responsive with a quick attack and  excellent sustain and volume. $1925 with hard case.

Model 12  This instrument features ravishing solid Pauferro  wood on back and sides and high grade western red cedar or German spruce soundboard. The fingerboard is ebony and the tuners are attractive and precisely engineered. An incredibly rich and beautiful tone with great sustain. $2395 with hard case.












Model ADALID  Designed and built under the direct supervision of master luthier Manuel Adalid and featuring very beautiful solid Madagascar rosewood back and sides, this guitar is an amazing achievement for this price. The tight grained top grade red cedar or German spruce soundboard, supported by a finely sculpted bracing system, produces a rich, evenly balanced tonal palette that fills a concert hall. A guitar to play to believe. $3450










Manuel Adalid "Hauser" This Hauser-inspired guitar features absolutely clear, beautiful trebles with great character. It also is remarkably warm with impressive volume. $3950














Manuel Adalid "Torres"

German spruce soundboard

Indian rosewood back and sides







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