Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico, 2009
Western Red Cedar Soundboard, Indian Rosewood Back and Sides
Ebony fretboard with 650 mm string length
$ 5000 SOLD 

Miguel Acevedo started making classical guitars over thirty years ago. He began studying classical guitar informally when he was ten years old. 

While studying classical guitar at the University of Puerto Rico he became interested in classical guitar making. Miguel had already gained experience in guitar repair and adjustment while he worked in a musical instrument store. In those years there was not much information found on the subject of classical guitar making in Puerto Rico or elsewhere. 

Miguel made guitars under the guidance of Don Jorge Santiago Mendoza, a stringed instrument maker who evaluated Miguel's work and guided his progress. Miguel never worked or had formal classes with Don Jorge, but always has being stimulated by Don Jorge to study, experiment and develop the intuition necessary to read wood adequately.

Miguel is a stringed instrument maker: classical guitars, violins, violas, cellos, the Puerto Rican cuatro, the Puerto Rican tres and others. He also makes violin family bows, all of these of high quality. Miguel Acevedo is studious, a tireless investigator and experimenter, always at the service of his customers and striving for maximum perfection.

This is the first guitar from Miguel Acevedo which we have imported and it is very impressive. The tone is dark and strong yet remarkably clear in the bass.