Munich, Bavaria, GERMANY, 1959
German Spruce Soundboard, beautiful Rosewood Back and Sides
Ebony fretboard with 650 string length
$ 5000   SOLD

Edgar Monch has always been regarded as the "other" Munich luthier, the first and best known being Hermann Hauser. Andre Segovia played a Hauser guitar for many years during the middle part of his concert career. It is said that he used a guitar from Edgar Monch for his practice sessions. He would do that only if the two guitars were very similar in playability and responsiveness.

This instrument bears the evidence of many years of hard use but it is structurally perfectly intact. The top has two long cracks, both well repaired, and two shorter repaired cracks. There are two slight breaks in the side near the tail block but the Brazilian rosewood back is in perfect condition with the usual wear to the French polish. 

The tone produced by this very old German spruce soundboard is as sweet as can be and even might be described as gentle and full of personality. It is a comfortable guitar with an intimate rather than a strident voice, one that provides a player with much pleasure.