Granada, Spain, 2011

Spruce soundboard, beautiful Rosewood back and sides

Ebony fingerboard, 650 string length

Mint condition

$10,000   SOLD

The name of Antonio Marin Montero has been well known to guitar enthusiasts for nearly half a century. He is generally considered as the grandfather of the distinctive Granada style of guitar building.

This example of Senor Marin's mastery is number 1140B, with a fine German spruce top and beautiful rosewood back and sides. The guitar is entirely French polished. 

The tone is bright overall with excellent balance between bass and treble and very clear individual notes. The guitar's resonance is exquisite and the treble sustain gives it a strong singing quality.




















Granada, Spain, 2014

Spruce soundboard, Rosewood back and sides

Ebony fingerboard, 650 string length



Another exquisite guitar by the incomparable Antonio Marin Montero. It is difficult to describe the effect of playing this guitar (not to mention hearing it played); the response is immediate and personal, but also complex, sweet and....powerful. One of the world's greatest luthiers, he has produced another one-of-a-kind instrument with an incredibly rich palette of tonal response, combined with impeccable, old-world craftsmanship.