SAVAREZ Savarez has been making strings for as long as strings have been made, first in Italy and for the last century in France.The world's leader in string development, Savarez Alliance series offers excellent Kevlar rectified, thinly extruded trebles which increase the clarity and brilliance of any guitar and full, round basses. French guitar genius Roland Dyens, among many other artists, used these strings faithfully. There are also mixed tension sets available to enhance the response of your guitar. Bernard Maillot, the head of Savarez, assures us that the old traditional 520R strings are still the best sellers worldwide, but frankly we must add, not here. The new developments are just too good. We carry the entire range of Savarez because they are our favorites.

  • 540 R - Alliance with Kevlar Red medium tension trebles and traditional bass strings
  • 540 J - Alliance with Kevlar Blue high tension trebles and traditional basses
  • 500 AR - Corum Alliance Red with Corum long-lasting alloy basses and medium tension Kevlar trebles
  • 500 AJ - Corum Alliance Blue with high tension trebles and Corum high tension basses
  • 500 ARJ - Alliance medium tension trebles with Corum blue high tension basses
  • 500 CR - Cristal Rouge medium tension nylon trebles with Corum medium tension basses
  • 500 CJ - Cristal nylon high tension trebles with Corum high tension basses
  • 500 CRJ - Cristal nylon medium tension trebles with Corum high tension basses
  • 510 AR - CANTIGA Normal tension Alliance trebles with normal tension Cantiga basses
  • 510 AJ - CANTIGA High tension Alliance trebles with high tension Cantiga basses
  • 510 ARJ - CANTIGA Normal tension Alliance trebles with high tension Cantiga basses
  • 510 MR - CANTIGA "CREATION", E & B nylon, G Alliance, normal tension Cantiga basses
  • 510 MJ - CANTIGA "CREATION", E & B nylon, G Alliance, high tension Cantiga basses

AUGUSTINE Here is the string brand that Andres Segovia used, having worked with Albert Augustine in the 1940's to develop it. Now the Regal and Imperial sets are rectified and give assurance of good intonation along with full tone.

  • Regal Red Medium Tension
  • Regal Blue High Tension
  • Imperial Red Medium Tension
  • Imperial Blue High Tension

J. D'ADDARIO An old company that knows what it's doing, D'Addario produces very fine Pro Arte strings for a very reasonable price. Laser-controlled extrusion assures a string that plays in tune all over the fingerboard. For a moderately priced string nothing beats D'Addario. Used by such artists as Manuel Barrueco and David Russell.

  • Light Tension Pro Arte J43
  • Normal Tension Pro Arte J45
  • Hard Tension Pro Arte J46
  • Composite Normal Tension Pro Arte J45C
  • Composite Hard Tension Pro Arte J46C
  • Dynacore (Titanium Trebles) Normal J45TT
  • Dynacore (Titanium Trebles) Hard J46TT
  • Fluorocarbon (Dynacore Basses, Carbon Trebles) Normal J45FF
  • Fluorocarbon (Dynacore Basses, Carbon Trebles) Hard J46FF

OASIS GPX, Regency and Titanium Classical Guitar Strings. Some guitarists like the power and brilliance produced by "carbon treble" strings but are disappointed by their lack of "fullness" or "warmth." The folks at OASIS (who make the best humidifiers and guitar tuners available) have overcome this challenge with their new GPX Classical Guitar Strings. One professional guitarist put it this way, "GPX Carbon Trebles provide exceptional brilliance and power while maintaining a full, rich, balanced sound." GPX bass strings are as traditional as the GPX Carbon Trebles are innovative. They are constructed by winding a finely drawn silver plated copper wire around a multifilament nylon core. The results are bass strings with a voice that is warm and rich.

Titanium Oasis Strings are becoming more popular than ever among professional classical and flamenco players. They provide very singing trebles to which the lively Flexcore basses give a solid foundation.

Regency Strings are also first quality in the regular nylon tradition but with greater accuracy of intonation.  

  • GX-1000H (HT bass)
  • RG-2000 (Normal Tension)
  • RG-3000 (Med./High)
  • RG-4000 (HT)
  • TS-5000 (Titanium normal)
  • TS-6000 (Titanium high).