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Mr. Castelluccia & Artists:

I recently purchased a Giambattista G8 from Robert Page at The Guitar Store in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, your distributor. First, let me compliment you on the selection of Robert Page and The Guitar Store as your United States distributor. Theirs is a comfortable store well maintained and attractively arranged. Mr. Page is excited about representing your instruments. He personally assisted me in making a choice as I was visiting his shop in Philadelphia in December of 2005 (my 5th visit in 8 years). Second, I am also excited about the Giambattista guitar. I acknowledge the fact that this instrument is a ?student guitar, however, the craftsmanship, playability and sonority of the G8 is far superior to may higher priced concert instruments. I don't know how you do it for the price. Therefore, on behalf of all the students who will, by your having offered a guitar of such excellent quality, be able to afford a beautiful sounding, well constructed guitar,

Thank you!

Roger Watkins, Greenville, NC