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Dear Behrad & Bill. I received the Antonio Picado 60 last Tuesday evening.  It arrived in perfect condition and on schedule. I didn't get a real chance to start playing it until Wednesday, but as soon as I did start to play I knew it would not be going back to you. I am finding that it is a very  comfortable guitar that has been well set up. The tone, volume, and sustain are outstanding. I had my instructor take a look at it. He was very impressed and felt it was an outstanding guitar for the money and that it blurred the line between student guitars and concert guitars.

I really appreciate the help I received from Behrad in understanding the differences in construction as you move up the ladder on price. His clear explanations were deciding factors in going with the 60 rather than the 54.

I have never bought a guitar on line before, but with your knowledgeable, helpful and patient staff, I wouldn't hesitate to buy from you again in the future.

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