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Dear Bill,

I just wanted to drop you a line to express my sincere thanks for all the quality time you spent with me on my quest to purchase my perfect guitar.  Since I live in Colorado and your store is in Pennsylvania, I couldn't just drop by to meet with you in person, nor could I play any of the guitars you had on display.  But, the assistance you offered me over the phone was priceless.  During our phone conversation you offered rich descriptions of the guitars available in my price range, expressed a sensitivity to my personal preferences and knew just the right questions to ask to help me make my final decision.  All this coupled with the quality information you had online was enough to assure me that purchasing my guitar from you was the right thing for me to do!  When my guitar arrived, I was elated!  It was delivered precisely on the day you had indicated and the guitar itself exceeded every one of my expectations! Thanks, Bill, for offering a quality product and excellent customer service!

Sincerely,  L.B.