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Hi Bill,

Thank you so much for your help when we came to choose a guitar for David. You have a beautiful store with fabulous guitars. Although we spent hours choosing the right guitar, it would have been much more difficult without your help. The guitars you selected for David to try stayed within our price range, yet gave him a wide variety to choose from. I loved the way you kept two very different guitars at a time out for him to choose between. I saw and heard how the differences narrowed as you developed a feel for his taste. 

The Esteve 7 spruce top we purchased is a remarkable instrument. It combines the clarity and brightness you expect from a spruce top with surprising warmth in the lower registers. What David liked best about it was the balance between the lower and upper registers and the dynamic range. It has remarkable sustain. The tone is clear and bright, without being overly bright. The top is made from a beautiful piece of spruce. It has a phenomenal amount of cross grain for a guitar in this price range.

David's teacher is as thrilled with his choice as he is. She particularly remarked on the balance, dynamic range, and sustain. She said that she had heard much more expensive guitars that did not sound better and some that did not sound as good as his new Esteve. As the top opens up over the next three years, it will sound even sweeter. 

Thank you again for all the personal attention you gave us. We are recommending you and your store to everyone.

K.R.       North Carolina