Let me just say that I never thought that buying a guitar over the phone/internet could be such a positive experience. The time you spent discussing the various guitars that I was interested in and the sound files that you sent were invaluable in making my decision. Certainly the next best thing to being there in person. The Giambattista is one fine instrument for sure. Everyone who has seen and played it, myself included, has been very impressed. I'm certain that the G6 and I have a long and happy relationship ahead of us.

Cheers, and thanks again!

Gregg Charbonneau, Lee, MA



My fingers are raw, I didn't put the model 54 Picado down since I brought it home, found myself talking to it on the drive back to Alexandria. Seriously though, I wanted to thank you and your staff for all the assistance and I very much appreciated dealing with true professionals who love what they do, it was quite evident.

Joe Scheid, Alexandria, VA


Dear Bob and Mike:

The Picado 49 arrived today undamaged. The outer box was a bit scuffed, but the packing materials proved adequate for the trip to Chicago. After tuning up the guitar and striking the first notes, I simply could not believe my ears! The warm full tone combined with the volume and projection make this, by far, the best acoustic guitar I have ever played, and much much better than anything I found in the local guitar stores. The case is nice, and well constructed for this guitar. I am keeping it! Sold!

Your website is informative and helpful. I especially like the search feature based on price, and your editorials about each guitar are interesting and informative. The sound files that you sent are of excellent quality, played beautifully, and quiet influential in my decision to select the cedar soundboard Picado 49. Your objective discussion with me on the phone gave me confidence that I was dealing with an honest and experienced store. I would recommend you to anyone without hesitation.


Bobby Keyes, Chicago


Dear Bob,

Thank you for collecting such a wonderful selection of great classical guitars! And thank you Michael for your very professional assistance in helping me choose my new Antonio Picado 60. I love this instrument! It has such a wonderful tonal quality, such brilliance of sound and great projection. Every single note has such beauty of tone! Superlatives don't do this instrument justice. My playing has never sounded so good. I am enchanted.

Thank you.

Michael Walker, Clearwater, Florida


I just wanted to tell you that I am thrilled with the sound and playabilty of my new G6. It wasn't until I got it home and really "dug in" to playing it that I began to appreciate it, fully. The balance, tone, resonance and sustain are very impressive and I am happily surprised by the way it "speaks," even in passages marked pianissimo.

As a lifelong musician who has only been studying classical guitar for two years, it has always been frustrating that my ear is developed well beyond my technique on the instrument, but the wonderful sound of the Giambattista closes the gap a little more and only increases my desire to practice.

Chris Matarazzo, Stratford, NJ