It has been about a month and a half since I visited your store and purchased my Dupont Conservatoire. You probably figured out that I fell in love with the instrument during that afternoon in your store. I am pleased to report that I am still in love with my Dupont. I played seven or eight guitars in the same price range and found the Dupont to be far superior in tone quality and projection. The only instrument that I tried that was superior was the Dupont Prelude at half again the price. I was certainly tempted by the Prelude, but in the end I felt that my abilities simply weren't up to the quality of the instrument. They are not up to the Conservatoire either, but at least it is a closer match and a continuing inspiration.

Thank you for your assistance with my purchase.

Bob Sillars, Clarence, NY


Dear Bob and Staff,

I've been playing my new Giambattista 60th anniversary model for more than a month now, and it sounds better every day. Not only does it have the great clarity and seperation one expects from a spruce soundboard; the tone has a mellowness usually associated with cedar tops. Baroque and Spanish repertoire sound equally great on this beautifully crafted instrument.

Thank you for all your advice and patience in helping me choose this fine example of the luthiers art. Referrals are forthcoming.


Michael Frazier, Pittsburgh, Pa


Hello Robert and John,

Thursday night we all waited outside in the garage for the UPS truck. When David saw the box come out of the truck he was thrilled. He emmediatly opened it and played his new Giambattista G6. All he said was "sweet"

When I heard the Guitar I knew that I had found the Right people to trust. Your knowlege of classical guitars is wonderful and this comes across on your web site.Although I do not know a lot about guitars I do know when one sounds better than another. Wow! The Alvarez was dead and my instincts to trust you about the Giambattista were right on. As David"s guitar teacher said: "There isn't a little differance, there is a HUGE difference".

We thank you and although we feel we know you well I have to say, I look forward to meeting you one day soon. All the best

Sarah, Charles and David. Sarah Blanc, New Canaan, CT


The Picado "Concierto" guitar I ordered arrived on schedule and, so far as I can determine, arrived unharmed. Of course I want to keep it. It is a beautiful instrument and is plainly capable of far more than I can presently evoke from it. I appreciate the responsiveness and promptness of service.


Michael Fontenot, Louisianna


Received the Fouilleul guitar yesterday afternoon and have decided to keep it. It is exactly what I have been looking for in terms of color palate, resonance, and playability. I really adore this guitar! I appreciate your great service and the integrity of instruments that you offer to the performer.

Many thanks,

Gwendolyn Faasen, Grand Rapids, MI