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I was playing [my new Antonio Picado No. 54] last night and realizing how much I am growing to love it. The more I play the more I love it. This is because it speaks to me, it responds. It vibrates. It is sensitive.

Here are some other observations:

It is a good size for me. It fits my body welI. I find each string different, at least in its responsiveness to me. I especially like the sound I get all the way up the fretboard on the third and fourth strings. Maybe these are the strings that stood out to you and were part of the "intriguing" sound. I could listen to them all day. I am working on Julia Florida by Barrios in which you drop the 6th string to D and play it open, then move up on the 5th and so on. I like how it all sounds on this guitar.

I take this to heart: "Guitars are living things, with a spirit, and are touched in their own spirit with the feelings of the people who play them."

All this to say my relationship with my guitar is off to a good start. It will get better as we become more acquainted, adjust to each other and work out our little idiosyncrasies.

Valerie Eves, Bend, Oregon