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Bob and John,

It was a great joy picking out my replacement guitar last month! It was even more fun and a lot less traumatic the second time around. The string spacing on the Holtier is definitely right for my hands...and the tonal quality is also closer to the sound of my 'ideal' instrument.

I can't believe it took so many years to convince myself that I should own a quality instrument. Now that I have one I could not imagine not owning one. I can't get back all those years that I did not have a guitar like this truly fine instrument...all I can do is practice more...which is not a bad thing!

You were very patient with me and I appreciate all the help you gave me in helping me get just the right guitar in terms of tonal quality, physical dimensions and price. I wonder how anyone could possibly be comfortable buying a quality guitar any other way than from knowledgeable guitar consultants such as yourselves.

Phil Cipolla, Wayne, PA