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Hello from Phoenix,

I got my Lucida 777 the week before Christmas, and I just love it. I play it every day, sometimes twice a day, and already my technique is developing in a way that it never did when I practiced in college. It's so enjoyable to have a real Spanish instrument, made "in the tradition." It is just so much nicer an instrument than any of the Japanese or other guitars (many costing quite a bit more,) on the racks here, with better workmanship, woods, voice and playability. I even tried a $1700 Ramirez (the only one in town that I saw displayed in a store,) and quite honestly it did not really sound any better than my Lucida, and it seemed harder for the left hand.

Oddly, there is not a true classical guitar store like yours here, so I may be contacting you again. I love the Lucida so much, but it's made me curious about many of the other guitars you have. I might like a spruce-top instrument, for contrast, and I'm beginning to save now for that "lifetime" guitar I hope to get someday. Thanks so much,

Michael Miller, Phoenix, Arizona