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I just wanted to say a tremendous THANKS for making my most major guitar purchase to date (and perhaps my lifetime) a most positive experience. I'm not even sure where to begin. I came in with a specific guitar and budget in mind and you respected them both, while gently offering me your expertise and opinions, (not to mention anecdotes).

From the moment I walked in I felt respected and knew that you would help me find the 'right' guitar for me and not push me into something that would help 'move your stock'. I felt cared for, which does not happen all that often at other music stores. I live much closer to New York city, but it was well worth the drive, getting lost and I even got a flat tire on the way home on the Turnpike!!! But none of it dimmed my mood as I knew that when I got home I would get to play my new Picado, (a brand I had not even heard much about until you or played until that day). Which brings me to the guitar itself!

Again I am speechless. After numerous models and quick switching back and forth, the Picado was the clear winner that sang to me. Deep, bold, clear, loud, warm are just the beginning. I hear more than I ever thought I would in just one night with it. It's more than beautifully made as well and I look forward to many, many years with it! Thanks again and I'll be certain to recommend you and the Picado's to any and everyone I come across.

Thanks again and again,

Mark Berkley, New Jersey