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I received the Picado Model 53 in good form as expected. I love it, and it sounds great. What more can I say?

However, being an engineer, experienced wood worker and some exposure to the luthier's art, I can see that this guitar was made by a master of his craft. Believe me, I have looked at a lot of the so-called production classical guitars. This kind of workmanship and beautiful tone will not be found on those guitars. Internally, the notched kerfing, nicely shaped & sanded bracing, shaping of the neck block and attention to those details inside the guitar speak to this kind of quality. And of course, on the exterior it is beautiful with equal quality. Please let Mr. Picado know of my satisfaction. Again, thanks for your help, and expect me to be a returning customer.


Henry Carpender, South Carolina

PS: The only problem I can foresee is the potential for needing to have it surgically removed from my hands at some point in time. Not a bad problem!