I just wanted to say a tremendous THANKS for making my most major guitar purchase to date (and perhaps my lifetime) a most positive experience. I'm not even sure where to begin. I came in with a specific guitar and budget in mind and you respected them both, while gently offering me your expertise and opinions, (not to mention anecdotes).

From the moment I walked in I felt respected and knew that you would help me find the 'right' guitar for me and not push me into something that would help 'move your stock'. I felt cared for, which does not happen all that often at other music stores. I live much closer to New York city, but it was well worth the drive, getting lost and I even got a flat tire on the way home on the Turnpike!!! But none of it dimmed my mood as I knew that when I got home I would get to play my new Picado, (a brand I had not even heard much about until you or played until that day). Which brings me to the guitar itself!

Again I am speechless. After numerous models and quick switching back and forth, the Picado was the clear winner that sang to me. Deep, bold, clear, loud, warm are just the beginning. I hear more than I ever thought I would in just one night with it. It's more than beautifully made as well and I look forward to many, many years with it! Thanks again and I'll be certain to recommend you and the Picado's to any and everyone I come across.

Thanks again and again,

Mark Berkley, New Jersey


Hello from Phoenix,

I got my Lucida 777 the week before Christmas, and I just love it. I play it every day, sometimes twice a day, and already my technique is developing in a way that it never did when I practiced in college. It's so enjoyable to have a real Spanish instrument, made "in the tradition." It is just so much nicer an instrument than any of the Japanese or other guitars (many costing quite a bit more,) on the racks here, with better workmanship, woods, voice and playability. I even tried a $1700 Ramirez (the only one in town that I saw displayed in a store,) and quite honestly it did not really sound any better than my Lucida, and it seemed harder for the left hand.

Oddly, there is not a true classical guitar store like yours here, so I may be contacting you again. I love the Lucida so much, but it's made me curious about many of the other guitars you have. I might like a spruce-top instrument, for contrast, and I'm beginning to save now for that "lifetime" guitar I hope to get someday. Thanks so much,

Michael Miller, Phoenix, Arizona



I just wanted to let you know that the Giambattista G6 guitar I ordered arrived yesterday safe and sound. My guitar teacher gave it a thorough test drive today and was very impressed with the quality of the instrument. In his opinion it is comparable to guitars priced much higher elsewhere. It is a keeper! Thank you to John for helping me sort out the various issues and end up with a great guitar. Thanks again,

Steve Saunders, Oregon



Just a little feedback on my quest for a new classical guitar. Last Wednesday I made the trip to Philadelphia and spent a few hours with the musicians at your store. It was one of the most enjoyable days I've spent in quite some time. The guys were great and provided several new guitars for me to test out that were all excellent.

I finally chose a Paco Marin 355. I am so happy I can hardly stand it. In summary, the guitar is great and your staff was outstanding, very helpful, and didn't criticize my woefully inept playing. It was a pleasure doing busines with the Classical Guitar Store and I will recommend the trip for my classical guitar playing friends in Virginia.

David Bornholdt, Virginia


Dear Bob,

I want to thank you and your staff for the help I got in selecting my Antonio Picado Concierto Spruce last December, it has filled my retirement time with many hours of pleasure after too long an absence.

Thanks again,

Herb Kuhl, Holmdel, New Jersey